A Big Moment for the Aurora Airport

The Aurora Airport is a significant spot for the mid-valley area: it plays a role in the local economy much greater than its size.  As other area airports have become more and more crowded, it is poised to do even more. But Aurora has been held back because it had neither a tower nor the staff to run it.

That is about to change.

Honoring an Oregon Veteran's Service - Long Overdue

In Congress, I spend a lot of time talking about and working on the issues affecting the nation and Oregon.  But an important part of my job is helping my constituents if they have a problem.  My staff and I have helped cut through red tape, win back over $1.5 million in Social Security payments, denied veterans benefits delayed IRS refunds.

Tour of Three Rivers Farm

Long before I first ran for public office I was a farmer and a veterinarian. These experiences profoundly shaped both my life and how I approach serving you in Congress. I am often asked about my farming background, so we made a short video that gives a quick tour of my farm (I still live there) and some of the lessons farming has taught me.