A Big Moment for the Aurora Airport

The Aurora Airport is a significant spot for the mid-valley area: it plays a role in the local economy much greater than its size.  As other area airports have become more and more crowded, it is poised to do even more. But Aurora has been held back because it had neither a tower nor the staff to run it.

That is about to change.

On April 23rd I was able to help break ground on a new tower, which should be ready to move into by the end of the year.  This was the culmination of a lot of work by the community and was a high priority for me in Congress.  We negotiated a fair deal: if the airport built the tower, the FAA would provide the staff to run it, allowing it to expand operations and play an even more significant role in generating local jobs and economic activity.  There were some twists and turns in the process: at one point it appeared that the FAA might back out of their part of the bargain.  But my staff and I worked hard to get things back on track and hold the federal government to their word.  You can see the result in the short video we made of the ground breaking.

It is important to mention that the expansion of the Aurora Airports’ mission will protect existing high-value agricultural land.  This is a nice win for the community and the local economy.  It’s also a great example of what you can accomplish by working together – building partnerships between local and federal government and reaching across party lines to get something good done for Oregon.