Welcome to Three Rivers Farm, Canby, Oregon

Kurt understands the people and communities of the 5th Congressional District because his life and work reflect so much of what makes it special. Kurt was a farmer and a veterinarian, giving him insight into the agriculture and small businesses that drive our economy. He learned about hard work, cooperation and having to be adaptable in the face of adversity. And he understands how federal policy can help – and hurt – folks who are working hard to make it.
Here is a video of Three Rivers Farm, where Kurt lives and raised five children.

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Veterinarian. Farmer. Congressman.

In a time of polarized politics, we need people who can find a way to make progress. As the Founder of Problem Solvers Caucus, Kurt is successfully working to move our nation forward on issues like making education more affordable, improving access to healthcare, cutting red tape to help small businesses create jobs, and many more.

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Honoring our Veterans

Our veterans and military families have sacrificed so much for our country. When they come home, they should receive the respect and benefits they deserve. Able Seaman David Blunt was a hero who for too long hadn’t received the recognition he deserved. Kurt’s team was humbled to be able to help put that right.

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