Smart Fiscal Reform

Unsustainable deficits and irresponsible tax policies are a threat to our economy and future

It’s time to restore financial sanity

From exploding deficits to government shutdowns to tax cuts that disproportionately benefit the wealthy, it’s time for Congress to get their financial house in order. Kurt is committed to putting the United States back on a path towards financial responsibility for both our current economy and our children’s future. That is why Kurt voted against the 2017 partisan Republican tax bill that reduced taxes for the wealthy and large multinational corporations permanently, adding $2 trillion to the debt and deficit while leaving individuals and small businesses at risk. Kurt also passed legislation forcing the Pentagon to report to Congress a plan to find $125 billion in cost savings. 

Since 2013, Kurt has worked with a bipartisan coalition for a Balanced Budget bill, which would trim the deficit by more than $4 trillion over ten years, to decrease our staggering debt. Kurt understands that we need comprehensive tax reform to promote growth, simplify the tax code, and reduce tax rates for small businesses.