Investing in Oregon’s future

Keeping Oregonians in work and on the move

Jobs & Infrastructure

Every Oregonian deserves a good job and the strong infrastructure they need to get there. As our Congressman, Kurt has made sure America is investing in the Oregon Coast. To help local industries struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kurt brought $35 million in emergency relief funds to Oregon’s fisheries, protecting countless jobs in this vital industry. He has a proven track record of securing millions in federal funding for projects that strengthen our communities, including Salem Keizer Transit, the Mill Creek Employment Center, and the Polk County Armory. These projects have brought both jobs and permanent infrastructure to our communities.

To keep Oregon modern and competitive, Kurt strongly supports robust infrastructure funding. Innovative infrastructure will reduce traffic in our clogged roadways, create good jobs, and spur economic growth in our communities. Transportation technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. Kurt has pushed for federal policy to catch up and guide these innovative new technologies so that they help keep America safely on the move.