Keeping our promises to America’s seniors

Seniors deserve security in retirement

Prioritizing Seniors

Medicare and Social Security are our promise to America’s seniors, and Kurt has worked hard to ensure that we are keeping those promises. Kurt has been a fierce supporter of these programs, which ensure seniors’ peace of mind and economic security.  He has fought to ensure the long-term financial solvency of Social Security, so future generations of hard working Oregonians can receive the benefits they’ve paid into their whole lives. Kurt also sponsored the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act of 2018, which would modernize and strengthen the employer-provided, private sector pension system to expand retirement savings options for working Americans.

Throughout his career, Kurt has been a consistent advocate for seniors’ healthcare rights. For nearly a decade, he has sponsored the Medicare Enrollment Protection Act to close gaps in healthcare coverage for seniors, ensuring that those transitioning to Medicare will have continuous coverage at a time when they need it most. He also sponsored the bipartisan Community Based Independence for Seniors Act, which would help extend Medicare coverage to long-term at-home care.