Preventing Gun Violence

Kurt believes we can respect the Second Amendment and protect Americans from gun violence

Finding Common Ground to Protect American Lives

The damage and lives lost to gun violence is unacceptable and getting worse. This is a public health crisis that we cannot allow ourselves to become numbed by. Gun violence is senseless, tragic, and preventable. 

As a lifelong gun owner, Kurt supports the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but that right must come with responsibilities. This is why he is fighting for common sense legislation to prevent gun violence, including ensuring that those convicted of domestic abuse (whether against a spouse, domestic partner, or family member) cannot purchase a firearm. He also supports a national universal background check like the one used in Oregon. In far too many places throughout the U.S., almost anyone can buy a gun online or from a private retailer. Universal background checks have saved countless lives from gun violence, including suicide and accidental deaths in the home.