Protecting Our Veterans

After serving our nation with honor, our veterans shouldn’t have to continue their fight when they come home

Giving Our Veterans the Support They’ve Earned

Our veterans and military families have sacrificed so much for our country. When they come home, they should receive the respect and benefits they deserve. Kurt is committed to doing just that. 

From health care and housing, to the personal and professional hardships of transitioning into civilian life, Kurt has worked to ensure that veterans and their families get the benefits they’ve earned. He protected active duty members from home foreclosure, and fought to protect the retirement pay of disabled veterans. When Oregon veterans were being kicked out of the VA Caregiver program, Kurt led the charge to ensure every veteran had equal access to the in-home care they needed. And, when the Trump administration threatened Veterans’ ability to access the health care and benefits they earned, Kurt proposed a fix to prohibit a hiring freeze within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Kurt’s commitment to our service members, veterans, and their families includes a full-time staff member dedicated to assisting veterans navigate the VA system.