Voting Information

President Joe Biden endorses Kurt Schrader

Make sure your vote counts.


Kurt is a veterinarian and farmer, is endorsed by President Joe Biden, and has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood with a 100% rating. As your Congressman, Kurt has been a leader in the fight to lower the high cost of prescription drugs and tackle climate change – including working to prevent devastating wildfires earning him a 100% rating with Vote Climate.


How to vote

Oregon votes by mail. If you are registered to vote by April 26th, your ballot will be mailed between April 27th and May 3rd.

You can return your ballot by mail, no stamp is needed. Or you can return your ballot to a county elections office or official drop box. Find the nearest drop box here:

To check the status of your ballot, go to My Vote here.



Frequently asked questions


What is the deadline to return my ballot?

You can return your ballot by mail, no stamp is needed. If mailed, your ballot must be postmarked on or before May 17th at 8pm . Some post offices close before 8pm, so check your local office. We recommend turning in your ballot as soon as possible.


What if I haven’t received my ballot?

If you don’t receive your ballot by May 6, call your county elections office. To check the status of your ballot, go to My Vote here.


What if I’ve moved?

Ballots will not be forwarded. To receive your ballot, update your voter registration information at

If election day is less than 5 days away, call your county elections office  for instructions on how to get your ballot.


How do I complete my ballot?

Your ballot packet will include instructions on completing and returning your ballot. Follow the instructions carefully!

Remember to sign your ballot envelope before returning it. If there are multiple people voting in your household – verify that you are signing your ballot return envelope.

If you cannot sign your name, contact your county elections office  for more information.



How can I vote in the primary?

Oregon’s primaries are closed. You must be a member of the Democratic or Republican party to choose that party’s nominees.

If your ballot does not include candidates you expect, it means you’re not a registered Democrat or Republican.


What if my ballot is destroyed or lost?

Call your county elections office!  


Do I have to vote on everything?

No. Your ballot will still be counted, even if you don’t vote for every contest.


I have more questions.

Check the Oregon Votes website.


Link to county offices: